A magnetic field


-By Khayati Nagpal Taneja

What we possess within us is what the environment around us will attract.

A happy heart will see birds chirping, trees swinging, clouds dancing and so on, whereas a sad heart will only hear depressing music, see gloomy weather and everything in a dark mood.

It is all like a magnetic field around us attracting exactly the things that we have stored in our heart, body and souls.

We even tend to meet people going through the similar phase and moods, further depressing or rejuvenating us. This magnetic field keeps growing, thus making our lives being dependent more on it.

It is very important to keep our magnetic environment positive, happy, and lively, so that even when this field is growing bigger, it becomes a good sign for the universe. And, the universe seeing it as a happier and worthy place to live, would further help in making the beings around us to stay happier.

So choose the right moods. And, try to leave depression, sadness, anger and all the other negative feelings that would attract further negativity and enlarge the negative magnetic field around us.


About Khayati Nagpal Taneja: An advocator of conscious living, Khayati is a certified Yoga Siromani. She has learnt yoga under the tutelage of famous yoga expert Seema Sondhi. To navigate chaos and find inner peace in this busy world, Khayati believes in balancing life through yoga and meditation. A BBA and MBA from National American University in Tourism, Khayati has also dabbled her hands in fashion designing, research and public relations.