A young mind


-By Archisha Budhiraja

The colors of snow,
The colors of light,
The colors of life are so bright,
The colors of a parrot,
Red, blue, green,

The colors of a rainbow.
Are the colors that gleam.
The colors of nature,
The colors of belief,
The colors of truth,

Are the colors that light up the life
But these colors wouldn’t last for long
If we keep cutting them with axes so
The trees in the jungle, the water in the stream
Will then in the future become a dream

So let’s join hands to be one
And protect our environment
from every destroyer that comes

About The author: Archisha Budhiraja is girl of revolutionary ideas. She is a student of class VI B from DPS Enternational, Saket, who believes that it is absolutely important to awaken to the need for  environment conservation.According to her, our ancestors have contributed immensely towards a lean and green environment,however, the current population has only added to the degeneration.

She strongly advocates action and holds strong views against shows and protests that are conducted in  the name of environmental awareness. As a daily ritual, their family observes strict control over the sage of water and electricity. At school, along with four other children, she received an utstanding award for her working model on Rain Water Harvesting.

Archisha also believes that land pollution is a demon lurking at large and which has to be taken care of. We all need to be at strict guard with ourselves, ensuring that we neither litter ourselves nor allow the others to litter.

With such strong thoughts about the urgency and need for environmental preservation, Archisha aims to take up the issue at a larger scale once an adult herself.

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