Acceptance, pivotal to a blithe life!


-By Khayati Nagpal Taneja

Come what may accepting a situation as it is becomes a carol for life.

No matter how bitter or painful your past was, accept it the way it was and don’t let it haunt your present. Don’t make the present filled with bitter past memories.

Similarly, no matter how beautiful your past was don’t be grief-stricken by remembering it and comparing it with your present situation. Remember, if the beautiful didn’t stay for long how could the ugly stay forever? As we learn in Buddhism, nothing is permanent, not even our sorrows.

Accept every possibility of future. It helps to make life easy going.

Acceptance makes a person stronger and wiser, proving a broader prospective of life. It guides us through various opportunities that come with every situation.

Accept all the good and bad decided for you by the universe and life becomes easier and worth living.


About Khayati Nagpal Taneja: An advocator of conscious living, Khayati is a certified Yoga Siromani. She has learnt yoga under the tutelage of famous yoga expert Seema Sondhi. To navigate chaos and find inner peace in this busy world, Khayati believes in balancing life through yoga and meditation. A BBA and MBA from National American University in Tourism, Khayati has also dabbled her hands in fashion designing, research and public relations.