All we need is loads of love for humanity


-By Khayati Nagpal Taneja

With varied karmas – good and bad – there are beings that have been born on this earth and are going through such unimaginable grief, pain and sorrows.

It is definitely not possible for anybody to give their good karmas to those who are going through sufferings and help them ease their pains and sorrows, but just by listening to their pains, giving unconditional love to them and being on their side when in need can ease them from their torment.

Giving love to the people suffering from some illness would ease their bodily pain, to the one going through bad times would give strength and they will feel secure with a ray of hope for future.

So let us spread unconditional love to every human being and make earth a beautiful place for all.


About Khayati Nagpal Taneja: An advocator of conscious living, Khayati is a certified Yoga Siromani. She has learnt yoga under the tutelage of famous yoga expert Seema Sondhi. To navigate chaos and find inner peace in this busy world, Khayati believes in balancing life through yoga and meditation. A BBA and MBA from National American University in Tourism, Khayati has also dabbled her hands in fashion designing, research and public relations.