Did you know Sikkim has a ‘Wish Fulfilling Lake’?


Khechuperi in West Sikkim is considered to be a very sacred place for both Buddhists and Hindus. It is a little village surrounded by mountains and powerful nature. There is a very old monastery up the hill and a big nunnery on the main road of the town.

One of the most mystical places is its magical lake, also called ‘wish fulfilling lake’. Pilgrims and tourists come from all around India to visit the lake and make wishes creating a pile of rocks.

There are many caves in the mountains around the lake where the most important spiritual teachers have meditated. There is a special cave called ‘Green Tara Cave’. It is believed that Tara Devi meditated there for a long time and, as the story goes, she put her left foot on the ground and gave the lake its footprint shape.