Forgive and forget


-By Khayati Nagpal Taneja

Let’s take out some time and sit in silence to excuse our own selves from whatever has been bothering us. Let’s just sit and confess our sins to ourselves which we have been long guilty for.

Talk to your heart, your soul and ask, why does it hide the pain it goes through when you are alone. Tell it, that it is ok if you had done something wrong in the past, the good part is, you have realised the wrong deed and are repentant.

Say it aloud! Say sorry to yourself and promise that you would not repeat it, and attach the bad karma again. No one is a better judge for our deeds than our own self, thus, the justice has to be done within us.

If everyone in this universe start forgiving themselves for their bad deeds, and rectify their lives by moving towards what is right, the earth will become a happier place to live in.

Become conscious of your karma, forgive your wrong deeds and proceed towards the right way, with a smile on your face by forgiving and forgetting it.


About Khayati Nagpal Taneja: An advocator of conscious living, Khayati is a certified Yoga Siromani. She has learnt yoga under the tutelage of famous yoga expert Seema Sondhi. To navigate chaos and find inner peace in this busy world, Khayati believes in balancing life through yoga and meditation. A BBA and MBA from National American University in Tourism, Khayati has also dabbled her hands in fashion designing, research and public relations.