How to identify an exploiter?


Exploiters are like leaches, they squeeze your blood out till the last drop, while making you do so voluntarily. They understand that you are in need, and they exploit it to the brim.

What should you do in such a situation? Best thing is, not to get yourself into one, because fighting such people would soak your entire energy up and you would feel disgusted and with low self-esteem.

Keeping a hand’s distance from such people is the best advice. And, here’s how to identify them:

  1. Excessive sweet talker: They are a dangerous kind. The ones who are forever talking in a sugar-coated manner. They unnecessarily get ‘friendly’ with you or praise you. If you fall into their trap, they will soon start ‘exploiting’ your emotions with menacing speed.
  2. Sorry face-cut: This one is forever making a sorry-face. I don’t have this or I don’t have that. Ask them for help – monetary or otherwise – they will have a sob story ready. And, they would forever be trying to find something or the other out of you for their benefits.
  3. Over sarcastic: They find fault in everything and would not spare a moment’s time to tell you how inefficient you are. They keep poking you so that you keep trying to prove yourself right. You want to get their approvals at all cost, and that’s exactly what ‘exploitation’ is all about.
  4. Ruthless rude: This one could do excessive harm to your self-esteem. This person can make you feel worthless by pointing out your mistakes or shortcomings in front of everyone, or just telling you in a rude manner that you are not worth the effort.
  5. Clever jackal: They would first ensnare you in their sweet talks, and then cut a sorry-face that they don’t have the resources to resurrect themselves. The moment you help them out and give them a standing, they will start finding faults in your ‘help’ and become over sarcastic with you. And, when their work is done, they become rude and on your face, trying to get rid of you. This type is the most difficult to identify, so do a simple test to find out if a certain person falls into this category. Ask him for a favour at a time when you know he is in a position to oblige you, if he refuses by giving some sorry excuses, just run the hell out of there.

Exploiters are definitely classified as ‘bad’ people, but aren’t we the ones who are creating them by being exploited? Think about it!