Inner Peace Dec-Jan 2017


Inner Peace, Inner Peace, Inner Peace…Where is Inner Peace?

Inner peace is something we all want; we are all searching for it. We are so lost in
our daily lives that we get little time to find inner peace. But, the craving remains
and we try to find ways to create inner peace, we try to find external sources
which could help us get inner peace.

And then we keep thinking why is it taking so long to achieve inner peace?

The reason is simple, because inner peace is Man-Made, it is our Own Creation.

Each one of us has the ability to create our own inner peace. In fact, every person
is only responsible for their inner peace. We try to create it from external sources,
we try to push it inside us–similar to force feeding or getting nutrients through
intravenous. But, we forget that something which is internal to us cannot be created
through external sources. Inner peace is within us and it is our own creation.
Inner peace is a journey, not a destination. And, through our magazine, we want to
start a journey for everyone to find inner peace. It is also our team’s journey to learn
and share experiences and teachings with everyone. We want to create a concourse
through which we can inspire everyone.

Often a single word of inspiration hits hard than a thousand words. My inspiration
came from a single line of Buddhist teachings–Appo Deepo Bhava–meaning “Be an
island unto yourself”. It hit me so hard that I realised the importance and power of
our inner self.

Our inner self is the seed for inner peace. I sincerely hope that in this journey I learn
the power of my inner self and find inner peace, along with all of you, and help in
making a harmonious world for every sentient being.