– By Ikshit Satija

A saga of fun and strife,
Such is the gift that we call life.
Beyond meaning yet without any,
Precious like a diamond not trivial as a penny.
Never reject this gift of Existence,
Do not finish it before it can commence.
For you never know what it may bring,
The beauty of love or the embrace of Spring.
Never let wonder the most precious of all things,
Elude yourself for then only misery shall be king.
Let your soul sing with utmost delight,
The song of Love on the lips of the One with most Might.
I strived hard to gain love yet incomplete I did remain,
Love instead the Immaculate bereft of all stains.


Ikshit Satija loves the genre of poetry and it highlights in his oeuvre. He had published a book “Rosary of Love” with Notion Press. He was awarded for high sales of his books by being included in the “Accelerator Program”. Apart from this, the book was for two successive weeks the number 1 bestseller at Amazon India in the genre of poetry. For him, poetry is to inspire and ignite ‘Love of the highest degree for the Supreme Divinity’. He views writing as a spiritual practice and he wields his pen to articulate the glory of the Lord.

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