– By Ikshit Satija

Love is the fire that kindles desire,

It makes you rise above the mundane quagmire.

Yet it is not without stain,

For it causes the most severe pain.

Yet it is a peerless source of delight,

Days spent on the internet and chatting throughout the night.

Love is an abstraction and so it shall always remain,

Till you experience it and cherish the sweet pain.

The Beloved can be mundane or the Divine,

Yet Love is one enigma that transcends space and time.

In the Ultimate Epiphany one comes to know,

Love alone is Real while all else a show.


Ikshit Satija loves the genre of poetry and it highlights in his oeuvre. He had published a book “Rosary of Love” with Notion Press. He was awarded for high sales of his books by being included in the “Accelerator Program”. Apart from this, the book was for two successive weeks the number 1 bestseller at Amazon India in the genre of poetry. For him, poetry is to inspire and ignite ‘Love of the highest degree for the Supreme Divinity’. He views writing as a spiritual practice and he wields his pen to articulate the glory of the Lord.