Marry, because together, you can add value to the world…


– By Dr. Dimple Duangthip Arora

More than love and common interests, it is common GOALS, PURPOSE & VALUES which sustain a marriage and ensure it’s shelf life. The nature of love is cyclical. But even when you are on your lowest ebb lovewise, your marriage can still survive because you share a common purpose, a goal. And when that PURPOSE is to add value through SELFLESS SERVICE – whether it’s service to mankind, your country, your community, your family – there is a certain strength, direction and meaning to your life partnership.

Do not marry HIM only because he loves yoga and loves to travel like you. Do not marry HER only because her smile makes your heart melt or she has the right curves. MARRY, because you want to raise a loving family together. MARRY, because together, you can add value to the world, to the lives around you, and to your own lives. Then, it will not matter how similar or different you are. How pretty or plain you are. Your PASSION & PURPOSE FOR LIFE WILL SUSTAIN YOUR MARRIAGE.

Here is a little exercise. Before getting married to a human, get married to LIFE. Make a real commitment to LIFE. When LIFE is down on you, you will stay POSITIVE and look for solutions. Under any testing condition of LIFE, you choose to be KIND, FORGIVING AND TOLERANT. When LIFE challenges you, you will turn around and say TRY ME, instead of WHY ME. Now, replace the word LIFE with the name you want to spend the rest of your life with. And uncover the SECRET.

Remember to check out each other’s LIFE PURPOSE, SPIRIT OF SERVICE AND LIFE COMMITMENT (rather than his abs and her tits) when you are seriously dating and planning to settle for that wonderful life partnership called MARRIAGE.


Dr. Dimple Duangthip Arora is a doctor of Natural Medicine (M.D.A.M) and a practicing Buddhist. Dr. Arora runs a private practice in Bangkok (Golden Awareness Holistic Nutrition & Ayurveda) and has authored a book on holistic healthcare now available in India on She can be reached at