Meeting His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama: A heartwarming story


– By Dr. Dimple Arora

My visit to Dharamshala in April 2015 was not planned. It just happened. I was going through an intense phase of struggle in my personal life. A definite direction was needed as I was approaching a crossroad, and a wrong decision could affect many lives. I remember praying out loud to my dear Guruji Luang Phaw Thavisak, asking for answers and for an end to this struggle. After an evening of intense meditation, I received a very clear intuitive message from the depths of my being. “You need to go now!” But where was I supposed to go? I had completely surrendered my “mind” at that point in time. Like a zombie dictated by a higher intelligence, I picked up my laptop, surfed it (I don’t even remember the search words I used) and was drawn to a picture of Dharamshala. I just knew this was the place I had to go.

Within two days, I was off. I arrived in Dharamshala on April 13, 2015, and checked into a place five minutes from the monastery of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. I had no idea of the itinerary of His Holiness, who is constantly travelling the world. On enquiring whether His Holiness was in town and will give darshan, I was informed that I was indeed very lucky. His Holiness was arriving from Japan the next day after a month-long tour, and there was a slim chance to meet Him if he was physically in good health. I was pleasantly surprised and mentally anticipated meeting our beloved Budhhist avatar.

However, we were informed the next day that His Holiness was not too well, and would not meet anyone in the coming week. I was due to leave on April 18. I did not give up. I waited an entire morning in the reception office, requesting the officer for just one glimpse of His Holiness. It was not granted. Nevertheless, I performed my daily ritual of circumambulation, chanting, and meditation at the monastery. I shaved off my hair and completely surrendered all of my ego and vanity, putting to rest all the inner demons and fears. Each morning, I would look up to the window of the room in which His Holiness resided, and paid homage. I thanked my Guru and His Holiness each day for the surreal peace and transformation which I was internally undergoing, at a very rapid pace. Perhaps the pristine serenity of the monastery which was blessed by His Grace had something to do with it. The week blissfully passed.

And then, the day came. April 18, my birthday. I was checking in at the Dharamshala airport to fly to New Delhi, only to discover my flight had been delayed. There was another foreigner couple with a little girl waiting with me. Suddenly, all eyes were in my direction, and all heads were bowing. When I looked behind, I was startled beyond words. His Holiness came walking towards me at the airport, as if gliding in slow motion. I could not believe this was happening. I gasped with tears in my eyes and went down on my knees, “His Holiness!”

He stood at less than an arm’s length from me, I could almost touch him. He bent down towards the little girl, held her cheeks and said, “It’s ok! I remember you!” and laughed his merry laugh. Tears were streaming down my eyes, I just knew He was there for me, those words were for me. I just knew then my prayers had been answered, that all was going to be well again. And then He glanced at me, smiled and walked in the other direction into the VIP lounge. He was apparently outbound for somewhere, and it was not to be disclosed since no one at the monastery mentioned about his travel plan. He was not well and was supposed to rest. He could have well walked straight into the VIP lounge upon entering the airport. And yet there He was, on my birthday, within inches away from me! This moment is nothing short of a divine synchronicity, the most blessed miracle of my life which has been indelibly etched into my memory, providing a silent retreat of joy and peace my soul can return to any time. The most beautiful gift had been rendered by the Universe on my birthday.


Dr. Dimple Arora is a doctor of Natural Medicine (M.D.A.M) and a practicing Buddhist. Dr. Arora runs a private practice in Bangkok (Golden Awareness Holistic Nutrition & Ayurveda) and has authored a book on holistic healthcare now available in India on She can be reached at