Save the Earth


-By Diganth Mitra

Have you ever wondered why we stay on Earth and not on any other planet, say, may be Mars?

Well, the answer is quite elementary and we have been reading about it right from our days of kindergarten. Earth is the only planet which provides ideal conditions for life to thrive. It provides the right atmosphere, water, has the ideal distance from the sun. Despite such basic knowledge, is it not surprising that we all are still party to the crime that has led to global warming and pollution? It has so conveniently become a news item that takes a whole page in our daily newspapers. In fact, it was only yesterday that I was reading the newspaper and I came across an article regarding global warming and I was like, “Oh! Another one of these articles.”

But, the question is, do we seriously consider the threat of global warming and other environmental crisis? After all, they may wipe life off the face of the Earth.

Pure water

First let’s talk about water shortage. It’s common knowledge that the Third World War will be fought over water. People have actually been fighting this war since the past decade—even though on a small scale. In my opinion, terrorism may take a backseat and powerful countries may start bombing other countries for water! This will be the time that George Miller (Director of Mad Max Fury Road) had predicted a while ago.

Water is something we need every day (seriously, all of you should be knowing this!) and still we waste it. It is irreplaceable and as they say ‘pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine’. Water is nature’s driving force and we must conserve each and every drop. This year only, in Latur, Maharashtra, thousands of people died of thirst. So, let Latur be a learning lesson. Let us save water together. Let’s return to the basic rules for water conservation.

Global warming

Now coming to my favourite topic—global warming. If the Third World War will be on water, then I am pretty sure clean air is the target for the Fourth World War. All of us are aware how important air is. Clean air is one thing that is not only required by humans, but also for all life forms, which include microorganisms, animals, etc. The atmosphere is an ideal layer that allows only the required amount of sunlight to enter and traps most part of it in the night time to keep the planet at an ideal temperature. But now because of the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it is not able to maintain the balance in temperature. The days are becoming hotter and so are the nights. The depleting ozone layer is becoming an entry point for the UV rays. This shall lead to various diseases that include the likes of life threatening skin cancer, melting of the glaciers and rising sea levels.

We—The action force

This is something we all should be worried about, the adverse effects of mistreating the Earth are catching upon us. We are facing calamities almost every now and then in the form of floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.

We have to learn to appreciate the land we live on and we all have to contribute in our own small ways. Think if a person just picks up the waste around his house, the world would be a different place altogether. If all of us just make a promise to stop pollution by not leaving the refrigerator door open, by minimising use of ACs, deodorants, we will be contributing in our own small ways. And, soon we will be living on an Earth that will be like heaven, a place free of impurities, the Earth that we have always dreamed of, it will be our true earth—the Tomorrowland!

About the author: The author of this revolutionary article, Diganth Mitra, is a 13 year-old student of Class IX, The Air Force School. He is passionate about his environment and aims to become the chief transformative force towards the cause of environmental conservation.