Speak your heart out, universe has all ears for you!


-By Khayati Nagpal Taneja

The toxins like frustration, stress, depression and anxiety are all accumulating within us due to the way we live in today’s world. Question is, could this be avoidable? Maybe. So, let’s first understand why we are living in such a manner.

To fit in as per the society’s norm and to maintain ones living up to the standard, we have to keep running. While often such a lifestyle becomes unavoidable, one could definitely look at detoxing and rejuvenating themselves.

Now to rejuvenate, yoga and meditation are always there. But to detox from stress and depression we need to flush these toxins out of our brain, heart and soul. The best way to get rid of these toxins is to talk your heart out to the ‘universe’, talk it out to the plants, the animals, the sky and feel the detoxification in your heart.

Talking out to the nature feels good. Another human may listen to you half-heartedly or may betray you by taking advantage of your vulnerability, but nature would never do so. Nature may not respond to you through speech, but it will definitely respond in some way. It might lend a flower to help you get your smile back on your face or blow some breeze to ease the tension from your mind. The sky is vast enough to hold your sorrows and the sea has enormous pearls to detox your depression.

Feel the nature, embrace it and live a healthy happy life.


About Khayati Nagpal Taneja: An advocator of conscious living, Khayati is a certified Yoga Siromani. She has learnt yoga under the tutelage of famous yoga expert Seema Sondhi. To navigate chaos and find inner peace in this busy world, Khayati believes in balancing life through yoga and meditation. A BBA and MBA from National American University in Tourism, Khayati has also dabbled her hands in fashion designing, research and public relations.