Story behind the Voice of the Lake: A Documentary


The Voice of the Lake is touted to be a poetic journey into the culture and spirituality of a remote village immersed in the Himalayas in Sikkim, India.

Georgina Barreiro, director, producer and editor, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, tells us how she found this perfect story.

“I believe that films are powerful means to visually explore and share the profoundness of ancestral cultures around the world.

The voice of the native people holds a deep meaning to me. I have been involved in exploring ancestral communities for many years through film-making. My previous documentary ‘Icaros’, shot in the Peruvian Amazon, expressed the spiritual tradition of the Shipibo people, telling the story from the eyes of a young Shipibo becoming a shaman. I wanted to show the strength and wisdom of this valuable culture.

Inspired by Tibetan Buddhism and looking for a new documentary project, I made a trip to India visiting the most important pilgrimage sites for Buddhists and I felt very captivated by this magical village in West Sikkim. Best known by its mystic lake, also called ‘wish fulfilling lake’, this town has been considered a sacred place for some of the most important spiritual teachers who have meditated in the caves surrounding the lake for centuries.

I wanted to make a film that explores the spirituality and culture of the Bhutia-Leptcha people living in this remote village immerse in the fascinating Himalayas, observing their experiences, their emotions and their role in the community I think it’s a community with enormous human quality and cultural value. I wanted to share their spiritual devotion, their history, their search for identity – as they try to keep their tradition and language intact. We have to learn from their intimate knowledge of the ecosystems, deep respect for nature and connection with their ancestral tradition. In our modern society, ancient cultures around the world are threatened to disappear. I think we need to question about our priorities and values in our contemporary way of living.

We want to continue our journey to raise awareness trying to bring people closer to ancient knowledge. Through understanding I think we can build bonds of respect, love and compassion between us. I invite you to be part of this wonderful creative process and support our project.”

Stay tuned for more updates on the making of the documentary.