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Tag: Dhammapada

The Story of Samavati: Dhammapada Verses 21, 22 and 23

Dhammapada Verses 21, 22 and 23: Samavati Vatthu Verse 21: Mindfulness is the way to the Deathless (Nibbana); unmindfulness is the way to Death. Those who...

The Story of Kalayakkhini: Dhammapada Verse 5

Dhammapada Verse 5: Kalayakkhini Vatthu The exhortation is not to return hatred for hatred but to conquer it by loving-kindness (absence of hatred). Na hi verena...

Outer beauty is just a shell!

Verse 347: Khematheri Vatthu - The Dhammapada Verse 347: Beings who are infatuated with lust, fall back into the stream of craving they have generated, just...

Can divorces be less bitter?

Verse 197, 198 AND 199: Natikalahavupasamana Vatthu - The Dhammapada Verse 197: Indeed we live very happily, not hating anyone among those who hate; among men...