The Voice of the Lake: Buddhist Funerals


Most people in Khechuperi, a small village in Sikkim, India, follow Tibetan Buddhism although there is a Christian and a Hindu village nearby. People in the area respect other traditions and religions and live peacefully.

As everybody knows each other, it is very usual that Buddhists attends Hindu or Christian funerals and vice-versa. You can hear the trumpet from the monastery that announces to the people of the village that someone has died. Everyone has their role in the community.

When it’s a Buddhist funeral, they usually burn the body. There are people in charge making the box for the dead person, someone who puts the body inside, some who carry the woods for the fire, some who cooks for the people attending the funeral, and monks in charge of the funeral ceremony. After the burning of the pyre, they put 108 flags or build a stupa in memory of the death.