The Voice of the Lake shoots despite odds


This is called commitment. Despite failing to reach their goal in the crowdfunding to film a documentary – The Voice of the Lake – on the culture and spirituality of the Leptcha and Bhutia people living in a remote village in Sikkim, India, the team still decided to feature the story.

The passion is palatable and when Wisdom Winds connected with Georgina Barreiro, Buenos Aires, Argentina-based director, producer and editor of the film, she said, “We were very committed to the story so we could collect some money from closest friends and also our families lent us the rest to cover for the trip and the costs here in India. The experience was incredible! We established a very amazing and special bond with the community, we registered lots of stories.”

The team would be heading home shortly and soon the post-production on the documentary would begin.

Stay tuned on this page for more information about the documentary.

The voice of the lake | La voz del lago from Georgina Barreiro on Vimeo.