Why do we get hurt so easily?


-By Khayati Nagpal Taneja

Some people when they get hurt become violent, some go into depression, some cry out in silence or cry out aloud, some try to hurt others, and some take it out on the nature by crumpling flowers or even hurting innocent animals. There are many more ways people take their frustration out when they get hurt.

Although, it’s good to take out the pathetic feeling of being hurt, the question remains, why do we get hurt at the first place? How can anyone have this big advantage over our heart, mind or soul that they could manage to hurt us?

And, the answer is expectations!

The moment we get close to anybody, we start building up an imaginary castle of expectations, and at times the person we are expecting things is not even aware of them. They are totally ignorant about the fact that they might hurt us.

So, what is the best way forward to keep ourselves away from a prolonged sadness, frustration or disgust?

Stop giving anybody the right to hurt you just by not expecting anything from them. Indeed, we must not also put too much expectation on our own selves too, as at times what the universe has decided for us plays its role spoiling our plans and leaving us feeling hurt for not fulfilling our own expectations.