Will I achieve anything worthwhile in this world through flaunting?


– By Dr. Dimple Duangthip Arora

Vedic wisdom says, “THAT WHICH HAS VALUE should be discovered. Do not uncover it for all eyes to see.” Yet, FLAUNTING is becoming a mark of the urban ‘civilised’ world. If you have money, flaunt the brands. If you have a good body, flaunt it through deep necks and torn flimsy clothes.

One good question is: What does a woman achieve by flaunting her body? 1. Envy of other women. 2. Lust of other men. Are ENVY and LUST worth striving for? So much effort to lift and tuck, only to generate these mundane emotions in society? Do we think things through or just BLINDLY follow the crowd, follow celebs and models – remember their job is to sensationalise and get attention – sometimes at the cost of PEACE OF MIND, SELF RESPECT and DIGNITY.

But something seems really off when men and women (from good cultured educated background) blindly resort to flaunting, without asking an important question: WHY? WILL I ACHIEVE ANYTHING WORTHWHILE in this world through flaunting?

Just a thought. Raising a child with DIGNITY, CLASS AND INTELLECTUAL CONFIDENCE is indeed a challenge in the ILLUSION BASED, FLAUNTING PROPELLED, SOCIAL MEDIA DOMINATED CENTURY. But never let go of your HIGHER IDEALS. And more important, your COMMON SENSE.


Dr. Dimple Arora is a doctor of Natural Medicine (M.D.A.M) and a practicing Buddhist. Dr. Arora runs a private practice in Bangkok (Golden Awareness Holistic Nutrition & Ayurveda) and has authored a book on holistic healthcare now available in India on www.sangopan.com. She can be reached at www.goldenawareness.com.