WisdomWinds July 2016 Issue


In today’s busy life, almost no one is free from stress. It has become our ‘indispensable friend’. We are often faced with situations that are completely out of our control, which invariably presses our panic button. It harms our mental and physical health, as we become stressed-out and are unable to come out of our troubles. In this issues’ cover story we focus on how to better manage stress for a quality life. 

A major cause of stress is relationship issues. In Dhammapada, we ponder over the point whether divorces can be less bitter?

Our Art section provides a kaleidoscope on the life of Kumarajiva, the man who translated the Lotus Sutra, while we have a special story on father and child relationship in the Mind and Body section.

In our July issue, we leave you with myriad emotions as you flip through the pages of WisdomWinds. 

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